Enter Weesas. We're here to deliver webdev, hubspot and integrations

| Joni Laukkonen

Change in buying processes, increased usage of digital services and the need seen in companies to build frictionless client experiences and services has given birth to a void in the markets. We’ve discovered a distinct call for a company, that is capable of designing and delivering different types of demanding technological solutions.

Why did we start a tech company?

According to studies by HubSpot the use of online services is increasing in a pace unheard of until now – at the same time the effectiveness of traditional sales activities is rapidly going down. This creates a scenario where a website becomes highly critical function for business. Therefore, business driving websites should host various different services that help their clients, like calculators, analyzing tools, ecommerce stores and other types of interactional resources to drive in sales and customers. All of these types of services helps in building a frictionless, easy and fast buyer’s journey.

Radical change means that you need to take advantage of data and technology in ways that we have not been doing before. In the end users world of digital products and services self-service is most often the best type of service and the potential customers expect more from the services than ever before. This is a great opportunity. Market shares are being shared online and companies that are able to make their clients buyers journey easier, succeed.

Sales Communications has a proven track record of 7 years in making successful digitalisation of sales and marketing on HubSpot platform. Sales Communications is one of the most skillful and valued HubSpot solutions partners and is part of a certified AIC (Advanced Implementation Certification) group. Only 19 partners worldwide have the technological capabilities needed to be part of this group.

What does Weesas do?

Sales Communications continues to focus on being their customers partner in digital growth. Still offering services to increase traffic and developing digital sales and customer service. Newly launched Weesas focuses on serving datadriven websites and -services, web applications, integrations and high level technical expertise with HubSpot to support our clients growth and business. We are extremely proud of this new opportunity and most importantly our ability to answer the call heard from the market, which at the moment has a void to fill.

One of the main reasons behind the birth of Weesas is the lack of technical expertise around HubSpot across the globe. The technical knowledge what Weesas possesses is able to fill this gap between the needs of HubSpot clients and the technical knowhow offered. Weesas is not aiming to be a HubSpot partner, instead we offer a chance to all marketing - and HubSpot agencies to widen their service offerings with demanding technical endeavors.

Start a project with us

To our new and existing clients ordering a project, time during the project and after moving into production will be alot more clarified experience since we are now able to serve much more focused services. Sales Communications used to offer everything from under one roof inbound-marketing, content creation, UI/UX desing, consultancy and code – moving forward Weesas has a clear offering of services which will be used if a project or part of it demands it.

“Running the company and taking care of growth will be alot more smoother process moving forward, as offered services are much more focused. We deliver consulting services, custom web development and integrations. What I need to focus on is to take care of our team and keep on refining the services that we offer our clients.”

CEO and co-founder of Weesas Joni Laukkonen previously was responsible of Sales Communications tech team in CTO’s role. To he’s clients he has designed and built webservices, -sites and applications. Integrations and various levels of consultancy for almost a decade. The skills of Joni have been recognized multiple times by HubSpot Impact Awards, for example from innovations in integrations.

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