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Web sites

We build web sites to look, perform and function as planned.

The way we develop websites always has two important aspects. We want the website or -service to look and feel as it is supposed to but just as important for us is to leave our customer with a product that they are able to maintain themselves unless we are needed to take care of it. Vendorlock is a curseword for us.

Disclaimer! We are not one of those companies who list obvious requirements like responsiveness as a feature for a website. That should be mandatory!.

We got the tech and development side of things under control and when it comes to other various components of your new website or a refresh project we're partnered with Salescommunications. they bring in the world-class design, UX and project management expertise.

If you're starting fresh we will provide the needed guidance in order to be able select the right technologies for your needs.

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Web sites

Web app development

Web App development

Looking for a partner to help with your web app development project? We got you covered. Building worldclass applications for web using modern battletested technologies is in our core.

The structural foundation of an amazing web app is its architecture so that should always be the starting point. After that we move onto development sprints. Development sprints done, backlog empty, wishlist waiting for future. We're set to move into production.

Speaking of production environments and hosting we either take care of your web app by simply hosting it or with broader needs up into 24/7 monitoring with blazing fast SLA's updating components that have been found in need of that. We also deliver products like these as "turnkey" so that our work ends at the delivery if you want to take care of the hosting and maintenance.

We offer our know-how as white label service to agencies or we can take full control of the whole project from architecture, design and UX to development, testing and deployment.

We enjoy working with Javascript. In software development projects we mainly work with modern Javascript frameworks. Specific requirements

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Technical HubSpot expertise and consultancy

We've been working with HubSpot for years all the way from the very early days (design manager v1 etc. #neverforget 🤘). Part of our core business is working in and on top of HubSpot in order to meet our clients goals. Whether it is providing training and consultancy or developing extensions into HubSpot and integrating HubSpot with other systems.

HubSpot is a powerful suite of tools in itself but what often gets neglected is that HubSpot thanks to their philosophy provides the means to build upon their great foundation if needed.

To spark a few ideas we can for example increase the capabilities of HubSpot's CRM system by creating HubSpot extensions getting functionalities and data from external system right into your HubSpot CRM.

When it comes to bestpractices of using HubSpot day to day to integrating HubSpot into other systems and everything in between. We got you. We provide easy to digest and reliable guidance with your HubSpot needs.

We specialize in white label services for HubSpot agencies in need of widening their service offering to more technical realm of things. Or helping out in design, development, delivery & support of technical aspects in HubSpot projects.

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HubSpot expertise



Integrations when done and designed right bring the strengths of all connected systems to end users without the need of jumping back and forth between systems.

We have few preferred integration platform providers that we're partnered with. Using those existing foundations we tackle the most commonly needed integration cases. With projects that require more tailored solutions we've built the needed integration from scratch.

We've successfully delivered countless integrations of all sizes most often HubSpot is the other or one of the connected systems. Which has given us a really solid grasp on HubSpots API and the possibilities it offers.

One quite often needed example is an integration between HubSpot CRM and other 3rd party CRM let's take MS Dynamics as an example. Marketing works inside HubSpot and leads should seamlessly flow from there to the other CRM system which sales use and from the actions of salesreps provide feedback back into HubSpot and so forth.
Business works as it should and all parties get to work with the tools they get the most out of in order to take care of their responsibilities.

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Web Application serving 3rd party data

Clients request

Web service for providing investor information for their end users.

Our client wanted to be able to serve information for investors on a web service. End users should be able to get a broad view of all the latest news and events from all listed companies. As well as dig deeper into a single company with vast amounts of information about it.

Also important was a subscription feature where end users could subscribe to get all the upcoming news and events from the companies they've chosen.

Our solution

First off we researched the 3rd party data sources and how we could operate with them. We also decided on the arcitecture of needed server and the solutions that send and recieve data in order to serve that to the front-end.

We decided to tackle this with server running Node.js and we built a custom API that recieves requests from the web service built with HubSpot CMS and sends back requested data. This server then handles the data flow with the 3rd party data sources and caches the recieved and served information depending on what piece of data from the big dataset is in question. We were also tasked to provide hosting as well as monitoring and logging solutions for this project.

Static information in this project that is not updated constantly we store in HubDB table and serve the content from there.

Important pieces of this project

  • Node.js
  • Custom API
  • Monitoring and logging system
  • HubSpot CMS
  • HubSpot's HubDB

Extending HubSpot website with vendor locator app and database

Clients request

Client requested to get a centralized source for information about their vendors and personnel at these vendor locations. Having the data centralized we can then pull the information into necessary locations on the website and maintenance is done at one singular location.

On top of the database for vendor locations and their staff our client needed to get an interactive map with multi level filtering that shows real time view of their vendor database results.

Our solution

We designed the necessary tables to be created with HubDB and what information to store in those.

Development of the front-end components to create a "listing view" for the vendors which has the interactive map element showing the locations of all the vendors and bundled into that we developed a multi-level filtering based on cities, provided services and free text input search.

Client also needed to have a vendor specific subpages. We set the vendors HubDB table to dynamically create subpages based on the HubDB table rows in order to fully automatize the maintenance side of things when it comes to vendor subpages.

Important pieces of this project

  • Google maps API
  • HubSpot's HubDB
  • HubSpot CMS
  • Database design

Award winning websites built with HubSpot CMS

Clients request

Client wanted a website built with HubSpot CMS. 👍

Our solution

We recieve the design which we can provide consultancy with regards of what type of components could be smart to build into specified use cases. Design is most often either provided by our client or we've collaborated in the project with Salescommunications Finland Oy and design is provided by them. After we've gone through the designs we plan out the necessary templates and modules to be built.

Depending on the project deadlines we might start to build the components and templates that consists the bulk of the website in order to get those ready for content first.

By keeping things as modular as possible we will end the project with our client having tools to create countless variations thus creating an end results where our client will be able to create new resources by themselves by mix and matching the developed modules.

We are also very familiar following more demanding requirements from some clients like for example in accessibility WCAG 2.0 standards.

Majority of the projects need that we are also in charge of testing and publishing the website.

Integrations tailored to your business needs

Clients request

Not able to fully move onto HubSpot yet. Marketing will be moving on HubSpot from the start but sales department remains to work in their current CRM system for time being.

Business has to function seamlessly even though data will be gathered in two separate systems. Marketing has to be able to fully function using HubSpot without the need of jumping back and forth between systems and they must be able to get feedback from sales out of the leads they generate.

Sales department will be fed with leads from marketing straight onto the system that they remain to use and as they progress with leads specified information will be bi-directionally synced between the two systems. Marketing and Sales processes will be positively shaken and rattled in order to increase the effectiveness of them via this integration project enabling those two departments to create a mutual understanding of what data needs to flow and where.

Our solution

If our client does not have existing integration architecture and field mappings to provide us we start our project with that.

Get all stakeholders who are affected by the integration project around the same table and decide on what scenarios the integration is supposed to handle and what data is being moved and into what direction.

During the planning phase of architecture and fieldmapping we document everything and give that to our client for future reference and use the documented "blueprint" to build the integration.

We do the necessary testing in order to make sure integration functions as planned. In most cases we take care of hosting and moving the integration into production.

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Contact us via chat at the right bottom corner or with more traditional methods email or phone to get the gears turning. Let's go through some exploratory discussion about the project in order to get a view of what we get to do.

Plan of actions

Plan of actions

We scope out the work with you and plan out the actions to be taken in order to deliver a successful project. At this stage we take care of the formal agreements as well.

Lets get to work

Let's get to work

We get down and dirty with the code or provide constultancy and expertise needed in order to get the project done in time and in budget.

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